Parker Racor filtration

Racor Division Your Partner in Filtration Technology Parker Hannifin Corporation, global leader in motion and control technologies, delivers an unmatched breadth of engineered products and solutions. Our commitment to our customers is backed by the strength that comes from over 90 years of knowledge and experience. About Racor: For over forty years Parker’s Racor Division has been one brand of fuel filtration systems that has earned the confidence and respect of engine and equipment builders, owners and operators around the world. Leading edge technology and continuous innovation are designed into every system, and genuine Aquabloc® filters have set the global standard. In every configuration, at every flow rate, and in any operating environment, Racor is the most trusted name in engine protection. Why trust your investment to anything less?

Fuel Filtration The Most Advance Fuel Delivery Systems in The World Turbine Series Spin-on Series Racor has quality-certified manufacturing, engineering, and distribution in place around the world, so no matter where you are you can rely on Racor to solve tough filtration problems from the refinery to the engine. Over the years, Racor has kept pace with the increasing demands of fuel filtration, from tough engine requirements for ever-finer particle-removal efficiencies and longer life, to the effective processing of ULSD and biodiesel. The heart of these advances is in Racor’s proprietary engineered filter media families. Our selection of Aquabloc® medias is known worldwide for its combination of high efficiency, long life and unsurpassed water-removal performance, meeting and exceeding the challenges of today’s diesel engine requirements in all markets and environments. Value Added Features: • Reliable time proven protection using Aquabloc® media for all diesel engine applications. • Maximum fuel system protection in minimum space. • Biodiesel blend compatible components. • Hand primer, heater, gauges and water detection available. • Expert integration of engine components for cost savings and ease of assembly. • Quality certifications for world class quality and manufacturing. • Ultra high capacity, high efficient fuel filter. • High contamination holding capacity combined with high particle removal efficiency. • Customized system solutions to meet specific operating conditions.

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