Cat(genuine) Fuel Filters & Water separators

Cat(genuine) Fuel Filters & Water separators

Cat(genuine) Fuel Filters & Water separators

Protect Your Fuel System

Today’s enhanced design and more precise engineering leaves less room between Cat® engine components than before, so using the right filter is more important than ever. Without a proper fuel filter your engine can become clogged with unwanted debris, such as dust and rust, restricting fuel flow and diminishing performance as your engine struggles to draw ample fuel to continue operating.


Cat® Fuel Filters

Cat Fuel Filters are specifically designed to capture the smaller particles that do the most damage to fuel injectors, fuel pumps and other engine parts. Keep your machine running at peak performance by using genuine Cat fuel filters.


Cat® Fuel Water Separators

Cat Fuel Water Separators provide the best protection for your critical fuel system components by removing large particles, all free water and 90 percent of emulsified water, to extend the life of your Secondary Fuel Filter.


Our highly differentiated design allows engine parts to function properly and avoid premature efficiency losses and failures because:

  • Acrylic beads prevent bunching
  • Spiral roving provides greater pleat stability
  • A nylon center tube prevents metal contamination
  • Molded end caps prevent leaks

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Cat(genuine) Fuel Filters & Water separators

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