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What is UPS Surepost?

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What is UPS Surepost?

UPS Surepost is a new shipping option we've recently added. Surepost is where UPS will pick up and handle most of the trasnportation except for what UPS calls the "last mile". UPS will deliver your package to your local US Post office and the USPS will handle the final leg of the delivery. In some cases if UPS determines they have another package being delivered to your location on the same day, UPS may handle the final delivery.

Mann Filters WK820 filter updates

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Mann has been in the process of updating some of the WK820 fuel filter line. The following changes are in effect so far.

WK820/6 to WK820/15

WK820/7 to WK820/14

WK820/8 to WK820/18

Ac Delco TP3012 Updated to TP3018

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Ac Delco TP3012 Updated to TP3018.

For any of you who've had a 6.6 liter Chevy Duramax from the beginning and are familiar with the fuel filter changes (TP1298/TP1298A/TP1298B/TP3012). Ac Delco has updated the filter again. This is the offical reason the part number has changed again.

The TP3018 will replace the TP3012 next year. The change involves a minor internal part geometry change, to aid in manufacturing. The performance, fit, function, etc. of the filter will not be affected. GM is instituting a part number change simply because the geometry of a component is changing. I don't think you will be able to tell the TP3012 apart from the TP3018, without cutting them open and taking them apart.

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